Adobe Premiere Elements- An Intro


Adobe Premiere CS6 training is an effective way to learn about new Adobe Premiere CS6. This is because there are many varied new features available in the new software, and getting training in them will increase your effectiveness when it comes to using each new tool. Adobe creative suite classes may also be useful for the new features in other programs.

New features for Adobe premiere pro cs6 portable include;

  • Streamlined Interface

The new interface has been streamlined and made to be more user intuitive than past interfaces for the Premiere software. Part of what facilitates this new intuitiveness is the ability to customize. For example, you can now add a button bar with your own custom settings. A new Mixer panel also makes the use of fine tuning sound elements within your videos easier to access and use.

  • Timeline Improvements

There are also new improvements to the timeline. These include more precise ways of trimming the timeline inside the keyboard entry interface.

  • Add effects with only a double click. This makes adding effects much easier and it wastes much less of your time.
  • Warp stabilizer.

It’s true that sometimes your footage can get shaky when you’re using a video cam on your own. This feature helps smooth out the experience to make it easier on the viewer. It uses similar technology as what is in the After Effects software from adobe. The GPU acceleration in this feature makes the video much crisper by compensating for rolling effects and blurring as caused by something moving very fast on screen.

  • Integrate with Adobe Prelude CS6

You can now connect Premiere to Adobe Prelude in order to keep logs of your footage and add any cuts that are raw you want over into Premiere.

  • DVD Upgrades

New updates to DVD allow for more possibilities. For example, the Blu-ray slide restriction from previous editions has been removed. New features regarding pop-up menus, expanding menus to multiple pages, and allowing for a menu to loop over and over have been added as well. This functionality helps you create DVDs that have more of a professional feel, since many professional DVDs have features such as looping menu playbacks.


  • Increased Native Camera Support

It can be a significant obstacle when a camera you want to use with Premiere isn’t supported, since that ends up destroying your entire point for using the software in the first place in some cases. As a result, the new version of Premiere has significantly increased the cameras supported. You can now use cameras such as ARRI Alexa, RED EPIC, RED Scarlet-X and many others. The native support cuts down on the amount of time needed in editing, since it allows you to go straight to editing without having to wait around for the video to properly format and fix wrap around.

  • Improved MPEG Import

The new improvements for multiple MPEG import capabilities will also help make the entire video editing process more efficient.